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Group Meetings

Page history last edited by Francisca R. Thrailkill 10 years, 5 months ago

Links:     Team 1 EDTC 6320     |     Team 1 Spring 2010     |     Spring 2010 Planning    



Times and Dates of Group Meetings


February 24, 2010

19:12 CST 

Attendance: Esteban, Maria, Rene, Annabel

Brief Description: Group members met through Elluminate Live to discuss ideas for project 4. Ideas mentioned included Web 2.0 Tools, VoiceThread (a collaborative space with video, voice and text commenting), and other collaboration tools. Members decided to meet again later in the week after searching for more ideas on the internet and researching scholarly articles.

February 27, 2010

14:09 CST

Attendance: Annabel, Francisca, Maria

Brief Description: Group members met through Elluminate Live to continue discussion of ideas for project 4. VoiceThread was looked at again but dismissed because it was not accessible to everyone. The products Microsoft Groove, and Publisher were considered because of the popularity of Microsoft Office products; Muvee Maker was also suggested. Web 2.0 tools were considered to be too broad and will be further researched in order to narrow down project ideas. Reminder to team that the tool or product must be  available to everyone.

March 1, 2010

18:54 CST 

Attendance: Esteban, Maria, Rene

Brief Description:  Group members met through Elluminate Live Classroom to explore other possible topics for project 4. Microsoft Publisher was considered because of its wide variety of applications in the school setting.  Ideas for use in the elementary classroom included the use of calendars. Team decided to wait until next meeting to decide on topic for project 4.

March 3, 2010

19:23 CST

Attendance: Esteban, Francisca, Maria, Annabel, Rene

Brief Description: Group members met on-line through Elluminate Live to finalize topic for project 4. Publisher in the classroom was revisited but due to recommendation by Dr. Butler on accessibility it was dismissed. Members looked at Prezi.com as a viable topic that could be used in various content areas or grade levels. Prezi could be used to target ELL students, used as thinking maps, presentation tool to aide visual learners, and engaging all students. Suggestions for problem to be addressed: Engagement of students; Lessons not engaging today's students.  Solution to problem: Engaging students through presentation software, Creating engaging lessons in the 21st century classroom.

March 13, 2010

14:26 CST

Attendance: Frances, Maria

Brief Description: Team members met through Elluminate Live to complete Deliverables for Deadline 1.  Team members were asked about their strengths in order to assign roles for the remainder of project 4. Maria works as an elementary teacher and Frances works as a high school technology teacher. Maria will work on how prezi can be used in an elementary classroom.

March 14, 2010

17:44 CDT

Attendance: Annabel, Esteban

Brief Description: Team members met through Elluminate Live to complete Deliverables for Deadline 1.  The identification of problem for project 4 was elaborated on and Analysis (using  the Addie Model) was completed.  Roles of members were broken down into audience, assessment, resources, and moderator. All members are responsible for contributing to research on engaging students through technology and using concept maps to make connections.

March 22, 2010 

19:16 CDT 

Attendance: Frances, Maria, Esteban 

Brief Description: Group members met through Elluminate Live Classroom to discuss assignments for prezi tutorials. Tutorials will be broken down into 5 sections. The sections range from creating a prezi account to advanced use of prezi. Frances will post tentative outline on the team wiki.

March 27, 2010 

18:46 CDT 

Attendance: Frances, Maria, Annabel, Rene (via text message w/ Frances)

Brief Description: Group members met through Elluminate Live Classroom to discuss Deliverables for Deadline 2 of Project 4.  Members were assigned tasks to complete by Sunday for Deadline 2. Each member will be responsible for their storyboard/tutorial outline & resources in apa format, as well as posting it to team wiki. Maria will work on rough draft of relevance to education, Rene will proof read and revise, Annabel will update Group meeting information, Frances and Esteban will search for supplementary materials on prezi.


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