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Fall 2009 Team 1 Intro Page

Page history last edited by Norma Casanova-Robles 10 years, 11 months ago

EDTC 6320 Fall 2009 Team 1 Collaborative Project 3 Wiki

Wiki in the classroom, all the way home



In this project, Team 1 is trying to solve the educational problem that teachers are reluctant to incorporate technology in the classroom due to lack of time, skills and training. We are trying to address this problem by providing simple tutorials for web based interactions between students, teachers and parents. We will use the help of wiki web pages to allow for effective and easy collaboration. We will also provide subject specific tutorials on using wiki to ease the process of content organization, interaction and collaboration.


Table of Contents:




    I.   Analysis of Instructional Problem

         A.  Relevance of Wiki to Education

         B.  Conceptual Background

         C.  Target Audience

   II.   Requirements of Learning Environment

         A.  System Requirements

         B.  Entry Level Skill Requirements

   III.  Implementation of Wiki

         A.  Ease of Use

         B.  "How To" Steps

   IV.  Wiki Tutorials (Ideas/Trainings here)

         A.   Coral - Gmail Accounts, Wiki Accounts, Wiki Invite Tutorials

         B.   Norma - Math/Science Tutorials

         C.   Preeti -  Language Arts Tutorials 

         D.   Elvia - Art, Music, Social Studies Tutorials

    V.  Supplemental Materials for Wiki

   VI.  Evaluation of Wiki

         A.  Reviews/Findings

         B.  Benefits

  VII.  References

         Resource Page - APA format

Comments (2)

Norma Casanova-Robles said

at 3:01 pm on Oct 17, 2009

Ladies, feel free to make modifications to anything you do not like

Janice Wilson Butler said

at 10:21 am on Oct 25, 2009

Nicely laid out problem to be addressed. In order to improve this page, add some resources (research) that substantiate your statement that teachers fear computers and lack time, skills and training.

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